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14th March 2021 - I haven't added anything that relates to this Barn Conversion, but I have documented the repair of my Tannoy SFX5.1 Sub Woofer here.

6th February 2018 - Following on from the 29th Jan update, the "Gallery" now includes the Album for 2009. These two albums have no annotations or captions - I hope to add some soon.

29th January 2018 - At last I'm making an effort to add some more photos - as of today, the "Gallery" now includes an Album for 2008. More albums for subsequent years to follow.

1st January 2016 - Oops! I haven't added any photos for four years, but we finished the building work last September in time for this Christmas!! It's twenty years since we started the project, so the redecorating has already started. Some "finished" photos will be posted soon!

When not doing other stuff, I've been getting to grips with jQuery Mobile, so this meagre website is now rated by Google as being "Mobile Friendly", please let me know if you find it isn't.

11th March 2012 - Zenphoto is now integrated into the site! I'll now have to add more pictures....

March 2012 - Due to various issues, I've had to change the Photo Gallery software from Gallery2 to Zenphoto. It's not fully integrated into the site yet, but seems to work! I'll tidy things up and add more pictures soon....

December 2011 - Just in time for Christmas, I've added a December 2011 Gallery of photos. This shows the installation of some ground floor underfloor heating circuits and the laying of a power floated concrete floor by RGT Groundworks Ltd. When the concrete has had four weeks to dry, the floor will be "polished".

July 2011 - I've started to add some new content to the Photo Gallery - at the moment there are two new albums, there'll be more to follow!

April 2011 - although this site has been dormant for three years, conversion work has continued at Chantry Barn.

The most recent development has been the delivery of the bridge and helical staircase. The metalwork was fabricated by Dale, Graham and Matt at Amtin Ltd, then shotblasted and primed by Abbey Gritblasting Services. The steel, now primed in a nice buff colour, was delivered to site on the Bobcat Services & Repairs lorry, by Ian Amies - Gerald, our local farmer friend, then carried out the skillful manoeuver of the components into the barn with his Merlo TURBOFARMER telehandler.

If it wasn't for the absence of Kevin McCloud, we could have been re-enacting an episode from Grand Designs!

If you click the image cycler you'll see the larger slideshow.

Sixteen years ago - Chantry Barn and its collection of outbuildings had been on the market for some time when we made an offer to buy it. The purchase was completed and building work commenced early in October 1995.

In 2001 I created a website that showed some of the work that had been carried out up to that date. You can view the original website by clicking here, or on the link in the menu on the left. In order for everything to work, the site will open in a new window - you'll have to close that window to return to this page. The site was designed to work with Internet Explorer and Netscape, however, even though it's the browser I use, it doesn't appear to work properly in Firefox - I might be able to fix this, but for the moment use Explorer if you can! 01JAN2016 now opens in Floatbox, and should work with most browsers.

We started work on the main barn early in 2005.

In June 2005, Rick Lewis and the Traditional Oak Carpentry "team" repaired and replaced sections of the oak frame; there is a page on his website that says a bit about the barn, the repairs and us! There are also some photos, you can see that page here...

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