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The Approach - 1994Some of the Buildings - 1994Up the Drive - 1994

  Chantry Barn and its collection of outbuildings (located in the depths of Suffolk) had been on the market for some time when we made an offer to buy it in November 1994. The purchase was completed and building work commenced early in October of the following year.

A 28' x 10' caravan provided a home for the three years that it took for the first phase, a single bedroomed annexe, to be completed. The caravan has now gone and living conditions, by comparison, are luxurious!

Hopefully these pages will provide a few details of what has already been achieved and an indication of what there is still to do. More pictures and information will be added as time permits.

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The Approach - 2001Some of the Buildings - 2001Up the Drive - 2001
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